Baba Yaga #1

Based on the Slavic folk tale of Baba Yaga, a witch who lived in a hut that walked around on chicken legs, this sculpture was created for the T-Bois music festival in March 2015.  It stood for 2 days, and then was burnt down.

Giant broken grandfather clock (2016)

A giant grandfather clock, broken in half. New Orleans.

Baba Yaga #2

A more permanent version of the previous sculpture, built from reclaimed materials from New Orleans.

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Much of my 3-dimensional work draws upon my childhood fascination with cartoons and are intended to be real-life versions of imaginary structures, yet made out of such undeniably real-world materials that they ride the line between folk art and surrealism.

More examples of my sculptural work can be seen in my "Artwork" section.